Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Gotta Spend Money to Spend Money

"HHS is establishing a new Office of Recovery Act Coordination within the Office of the Secretary to ensure successful implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) throughout HHS. This Office will be led by a new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Recovery Act Coordination."

Starting on Tuesday March 3rd, and on each Tuesday thereafter through May 12th, agencies receiving Recovery Act funds will be submitting weekly cumulative reports detailing their latest recovery activities. These reports give regular updates to government officials, Congress, and the public on how much is being spent and on what, and list out the agency's major actions.

Spending data covers appropriations, obligations, and expenditures, by Treasury account, as recorded in the agency's financial system. Using the Treasury account code allows us to track the money by the specific program on which it is spent. For now, only appropriations and obligations are required, and expenditure data reporting is optional. After April 6th, all three types of data will be required.


John Lynn said...

Hilarious headline. It's so true. I wonder how much all these various committees and hearings are costing in order to define "meaningful use" and "certified EHR" in order to spend the $18 billion of EHR stimulus money.

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