Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Told You So

"Have them take it out, it's not even necessary". Amidst all the appendixotic shenanigans of this year, people kept reciting this to me. "The appendix is vestigial". "The appendix is useless". "You don't even need it".

Now, I'm not a god-fearing man. I don't subscribe to creationism and only slightly less non-subscribing to evolution. I live in the here and now, and if my body saw fit to grow an appendix then dammit it's there for a reason. I dodged having the thing removed for a long time over this.

Apparently it's where all the good germs live (Science Daily).

So, in some form of anti-Jaz spite contest, the medical community held back on letting the world know what the appendix is for until I had mine removed.

Full story...

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