Thursday, June 5, 2008

CCHIT For Dummies - Software Advice covers CCHIT, and Ways to Profit from an EMR

I'm back.

Of course, barely anyone noticed I was gone, but that's the joy of the blogosphere. We're as important and as useful as our last post. In a month or two, I can fill you in on why I've been absent for a short while, but as that project comes to fruition, I will start catching up on some neglected posts.

Houston Neal at Software Advice had forwarded me a couple of articles that are extremely helpful, informative, and easy to read.

The first, 5 Ways Physicians Can Profit from Using an EMR is a nice summation of some of the leading financial arguments for implementing an EMR system.

A lot of the white papers out there waffle and weave their way through over-inflated ROIs and various big picture numbers based on 5 years over 40 physicians. This article cuts to the quick: five well-explained ways you can make money.

Let's face it, no-one's buying expensive software for the feel-good exercise. Better care is cool, better care that leads to better reimbursements, P4P payouts and reduce malpractice costs is cooler still.

The second article entitled Should CCHIT Influence your EHR Selection? is, to me, much more interesting. It slices right to the core of why CCHIT Certification might or might not matter. CCHIT certifying various EHR/EMR products has been highly controversial, and this article puts it in simple enough terms your mother-in-law could understand the problem.

Definitely worth the read.


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