Monday, January 28, 2008

Chiropractor Scans

I finally got around to getting my electro-magnetic scans from my first chiropractor visit online.

If it's not readable I'll post it somewhere else, in fact I'll upload this to Flickr once I'm done. I'm not used to uploading pictures on Blogger. Thanks to Ronnie for scanning them in.

EDIT: Yes, those are my actual muscles. It's a frighteningly accurate representation of my amazing musculature and complete lack of love handles.



Matt said...

Vibrant colors. How's treatment working?

I would try really hard to believe in it b/c apparently "nerve imbalance" patients respond well to placebo.

If I knew anything about the nervous system, this Google Scholar search might be helpful.

Jaz said...

Yeh, mu gut feeling is I have *some* issues in my neck that these graphs may or may not be representing or even related to. I had to discontinue visits for a few weeks due to work (ironically, as my stress level increases I get to go to the chiropractor less... sigh) but I fully intend to do the recommended 12 week course at which point I will ask for this test to be run again so we can all look at the graphs.

sgress said...

Interesting. Here are my professional observations:

* Your torso appears lean and well-muscled.

* I am concerned about your lack of skin.

* I am concerned about your lack of arms below the shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, i had the same test run & though i don't understand the results, i don't like to believe them. Here's why:

In each category, the arrows were completely red, whatever categories/sections they are, about 9 of them.

Also, i have pernicous anemia (which causes nerve damage) and don't know how long i'd had it before i began treatment 2 years ago.

The results said i had damage in all of my nervous system from the top to near the end of my spinal column - severe nerve damage.

i then went into 2 others to have the same scans re-run without telling them any previous health info. They all turned out nearly the same & disconcerting according to the chiropractors.

anyway...does anyone know how accurately they can diagnose diagnose nerve damage anyway?

i choose not to take their results until i know how to interpret them myself, and how accurate they are.

if the are accurate, then what can be done about severe nerve damage? With pernicious anemia it can be permanent.

just looking for info or suggestions, thanks much!

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