Thursday, December 13, 2007

RHIOs Need Data Not Dollars

GovHealthIT reports on a Harvard study that finds that RHIOs across the USA are failing abysmally. Well duh. Regional Health Information Organisations can only function if and when they have regional health information to organise. Imagine building Google before the Web. Or Facebook before E-mail. That's what we're seeing happen now, and the feds STILL refuse to speak up.

Two systems that work that I think shine a light on how to build a national health network are the Internet and the credit card clearing system. Neither of these systems were written into law, neither came from new taxes, yet somehow they seem to work and sustain themselves.

The calls for funding RHIOs get louder and louder, yet these people HAVE NO DATA to share.

I have a few thoughts:

Incent adoption of electronic health records NOW. We don't need RHIOs, we need records.

Understand that successful implementation of EHRs will REDUCE REVENUE for those people implementing. REIMBURSE THEM.

If we build the data, the network will take care of itself.


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