Monday, June 11, 2007

Ineffective Efficiency

NYT has a section today on "who pays for efficiency", several articles and a handy flash map from Dartmouth Atlas look at cost of care around the country, disparities in coverage and reimbursement, and the price of efficieny and who ends up paying versus who ends up benefitting.


Anonymous said...

Your log line "only not quite so serious-sounding" should really be "only not quite as serious as it sounds". That might be nit-picky but at least it's pick-nitty.

Jaz said...

Hey thanks for the nit-picky pick-nitting! I think the issue is that "only not quite as serious as it sounds" sounds a lot more serious than "only not quite so serious-sounding".

I think "only not quite so serious-sounding" has a definite, integral, nay fundamental non-seriousness to it, along with just a dash of intimated comedic value - that is simply lacking in "only not quite as serious as it sounds".

Anyone else want to weigh in? The comments link is your way in.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I should have written" "but at least it's NOT pick-nitty." Have I lost or gained irony points here?

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