Friday, March 16, 2007

Ad-supported, Free EMR System

I have absolutely no idea how I feel about this.

It's Google, it must be good.

It's advertising revenue from personal clinical data, it must be evil.

Good. Evil. Good. Evil.

(head explodes)

Check out the company's PatientFusion product too.


sgress said...

If it operates in the spirit of GMail (ads are selected based on a scan of the patient's file, but no information about the file's content-- or about which ads were selected-- is saved), then this is a great thing. Can it really be considered profiting off of private information if nobody besides the owner of that information ever has access to it, even on a meta-level?

The bigger concern is having this information online in the first place, but let's face it-- it's going to happen eventually anyway. And sure, it might encourage hackers (not to mention big daddy guv'ment) to try and get their hands on people's private medical info, but that would also happen regardless of the system.

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